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If the World Were 100 People

by Jackie McCann, illustrated by Aaron Cushley 

About the book

There are almost 8 billion humans living on Earth, but it's tricky to picture so many people! So instead, let's imagine the whole planet is a village where 100 people live – each person representing around 80 million people in the real world.  

So what does our global village of 100 people look like? Are they all grown-ups? Are there more males or females? How many have black hair or blue eyes? What languages do they speak? This book answers all of these questions and much, much more!  

Big ideas are broken down into bitesize chunks through clever illustration and graphic design. By focusing on just 100 people, it's easier to see the things we have in common, and the things that make us unique. If the World Were 100 People is a perfect introduction to the world we live in for children aged 5+ and a wonderful way to support them in becoming global citizens. 

ISBN: 9781405298070 

What did the judges think?

Bafta-nominated writer, Benidorm star, and children’s author, Nathan Bryon said: “I was blown away by the way the facts were presented. I love the illustrations in this book, and how they bought the story to life. You can see a glimpse into everyone around the world, and how we all come in different shapes, sizes, colours and abilities.” 

About the author and illustrator

Jackie McCann has worked in children's publishing for many years and is an experienced writer and editor. Jackie loves working on a broad range of books – devising fun books for babies, novelty pop-ups, and beautifully illustrated non-fiction for older children. 

Aaron Cushley is an illustrator from Belfast in Northern Ireland. He loves drawing and creating work that fuels his curiosity and adventurous side. Most of his work has been influenced by experiences and the world around him. When he's not out walking his dog, he's scribbling down sketches of thoughts and images that come to mind. 

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