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What does the Global Talent visa offer?

The Global Talent visa allows you to work in the UK on a flexible basis with fewer restrictions and costs than other immigration categories.

Benefits include being able to change roles and employing organisations without seeking permission from the Home Office, enter self-employment, set up a spin-out company, and earn additional income from consultancy or other sources. You can also choose the length of the visa initially up to five years with the option to renew multiple times.

In addition, the Global Talent visa comes with considerable advantages for you as an individual and any close family members* wishing to establish a long-term connection to the UK. This includes a fast-track to settlement after three years for the main visa holder. You can also undertake research overseas without it counting towards the maximum time period allowed for absences if you choose to apply for settlement.

See Appendix Global Talent of the Immigration Rules for information on the rules covering family, extension and settlement.

*Close family means partners and dependants

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