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Partnership Grants

Do you have a great idea for bringing research alive in school?

Partnership Grants of up to £3000 are available to schools to enable students, aged 5 – 18, to carry out science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) projects.

Students from La Sainte Union School presenting their project.

"The students really came out of their shells, taking ownership and pride over the project and maturing their scientific confidence."

Ingrid Murray, Bordesley Green Girls’ School, Birmingham

"I have learned so much and the students have been thoroughly fired up by the scientific process."

Jennie Hargreaves, Lockerbie Academy, Lockerbie

Since it started in November 2000, the Partnership Grants scheme has awarded over £1.3 million to over 800 schools and colleges, igniting enthusiasm for STEM in thousands of young people across the UK. Since 2010, 88% of awarded Partnership Grants partners reported that they would apply again.

Why apply for this scheme?

The Partnership Grants scheme offers up to £3000 to UK schools or colleges to buy equipment to run a STEM investigation project in partnership with a STEM professional (research or industry). Successful projects:

  • Deliver a better understanding of the latest developments in STEM;
  • Improve perceptions of those working in STEM professions;
  • Give students pride and ownership in STEM from participation in the investigative process.

Who can apply for this scheme?

Applications need to be made jointly between the two project partners, where the partnership needs to be established before starting the application. The two partners are: 

  • School partner: any teacher or support staff at the main school, such as a computing teacher or a science technician; and a
  • STEM partner: an individual that is currently working in a STEM related profession, such as a researcher or analyst.  

For further information, including guidance on finding a partner, click on the appropriate link below:

How to make an application

I am a school partner

I am a STEM partner

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