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Stage 1 advice

Stage 1 of the application process requires simple, initial details about your project. Submitted Stage 1 applications undergo short eligibility checks. If a project is not eligible it can be sent back to the applicant with guidance for development and re-submission.

A full itemised budget, and project timeline are not required at Stage 1. 

What is required in Stage 1?

  • School details, including the address, school type and level
  • Lead STEM partner details, including their organisation, job title, their highest level of education and simple details about why they are a suitable partner for the project. 
  • Simple project details, including the title, which must be a question, and a short descriptive summary of the project explaining what the students will be investigating. 

This checklist document has full details about what is required in stage 1

Which partner is required to complete Stage 1?

  • The school partner must start the application and is required to submit Stage 1.
  • The STEM partner can be invited to contribute to the form but it is not compulsory.

Please note applications must be submitted through Flexi-Grant® and cannot be submitted via email.

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