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Stage 2 advice

Once you have successfully completed Stage 1 and passed the eligibility checks you will be sent a link to the Stage 2 application form. Once Stage 2 applications have been submitted, they cannot be sent back to the applicant for edits. However feedback can be provided on draft applications before they are submitted. 

What is required in Stage 2? 

  • Information about how students will be selected for the project and how many will be involved.
  • Which submission deadline you are aiming for, the term you plan to start the project and how many terms your project will run for. 
  • Details about any additional STEM partners who will be supporting your project. 
  • Details about your project plan, showing what the students will be doing at each stage, what equipment is needed and how the STEM partner will be involved. This project planning guidance document can help you prepare this section of the application. 
  • Information about the legacy of the project.
  • An itemised budget, with quotes provided for items over £200.
  • The name and job title of a second school staff member who could take over as lead applicant if required. 

This checklist document provides full detail about what is required at stage 2.

Which partner is required to complete Stage 2?

  • The school partner must start Stage 2 and will be sent a link to the form once the eligibility checks are complete.
  • The STEM partner must complete a section of the form confirming they support the application. 
  • The head teacher of the school must complete a section of the form confirming they support the application. If the lead school partner is the head teacher of the school, then this section must be completed by their deputy or another member of the senior leadership team. 

Please note applications must be submitted through Flexi-Grant® and cannot be submitted via email.

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