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Public Engagement Fund

This scheme provides between £500 and £10,000 for Royal Society Research Fellows to create and lead public engagement projects.

Who is eligible for the scheme?

The applicant must be a current Royal Society University Research Fellow or Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow who completed the first year of their fellowship on or before 31 October in the year of application.

What can the funding be used for?

The scheme is designed to support Society-funded scientists to undertake public engagement projects based on their research. We encourage projects that involve partners and collaborators, including students and group staff, but the Research Fellow must lead the project. 

Funding can be used to buy materials, cover travel costs, support collaborations, pay for relevant training and to hire specific expertise.  

All funded projects should

  • Be based on Royal Society-funded research
  • Involve scientists interacting with a public group outside your institution
  • Target specific audiences based on the aims and rationale of the project
  • Encourage open discussion between scientific researchers and your project’s target audience
  • Aim to produce benefits for the public, the researcher and any partners or collaborators

We are particularly interested in projects that

  • Reach people that are currently underrepresented in the Society’s public engagement work, including:
    • Those without a science degree
    • Those from geographically remote locations
    • Those from low income backgrounds
  • Encourage collaboration between science and the arts.

The minimum award is £500 and the the maximum award is £10,000.

For detailed information on creating a high-quality application, please read our advice on developing your project.  

If you have an enquiry, or would like advice on your application, please contact the Public Engagement team.

Interested in working with schools and students?

Our Partnership Grants scheme offers up to £3,000 to UK schools or colleges to run an investigative research project in partnership with a STEM professional. 

If you want to deliver a better understanding of the latest developments in STEM and improve the perceptions of your field visit our Partnership Grants pages to find out more.

Quick comparison

Public Engagement Fund Partnership Grants
Funding available Up to £10,000 Up to £3,000
Grant holder Royal Society Research Fellow School (working with STEM partner)
Aims Build capacity for your public engagement work, learn new skills and reach new audiences Exposing students to real research and developing their understanding of the importance of STEM to everyday life.
Participants Any chosen target audience  5 - 18 year-old students
Format Any chosen format Investigative research project
Length Up to two years Typically one academic year
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