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Professor Giles Davies

Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder

School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Leeds

Semiconductor and biological nanotechnology, and applications to healthcare

Professor Davies’ research focuses on terahertz frequency science and engineering. Terahertz wave radiation frequencies lie between the microwave and mid-infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum and have been difficult to access and exploit because of a lack of sources and detectors. However the last 10–15 years have provided remarkable progress in this field leading to the development of pulsed and continuous terahertz radiation sources, including much work by Professor Davies and his team. Looking forward Professor Davies hopes to exploit terahertz frequency and its wide range of uses, “We hope to establish techniques that could help with investigating the physics of materials such as graphene. Other techniques could be used to help us understand the structure and function of biomolecular systems and provide insights into the control of enzyme activity. The research will also feed into our bio-nanoelectronic research programmes.”

Professor Davies explained how receiving a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award has benefitted his research, “This prestigious award has provided a welcome recognition of our team’s work over the last decade, and facilitates our efforts to attract the best researchers and engage collaboratively with the best universities in the world.”

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