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Civil servants

This scheme gives policymakers and research scientists an opportunity to experience each other’s worlds.

Lorraine Field and Freya Horsfield during the Week in Westminster 2014

I hugely enjoyed my experience of the scheme. It was really interesting to explain my own work and to get a sense for how the work of government is seen through researchers.

Dr Alan Pitt, Secretary for the Council for Science and Technology, paired with Dr Emma Stone at the University of Bristol

Taking part in the Royal Society pairing scheme will give you a chance to find out more about the science behind the policy issues you work on and learn how to analyse research findings and use them to inform the policy decisions you make.

Through the scheme you will make lasting relationships with scientists who can provide expert knowledge on areas relevant to your work and network with civil servants working across government.

To take part you will need to be able to arrange for your pair to shadow you at work for two days during the Week in Westminster and dedicate time for a reciprocal visit to their institutions.

If you are interested in taking part in the Royal Society pairing scheme or would like more information please email