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Welcome to the Royal Society Schools Network

This is your portal to all the resources, opportunities and activities for those who are part of the Royal Society Schools Network.

Every teacher within this network will have different needs and requirements, so we have arranged the supporting guidance and information into three helpful sections below. Start by exploring our 'getting started' section and then make your way through the rest of the sections to ensure you are accessing as many of the resources, events and offers available to help support you to work towards the goals of the Royal Society's Vision for Science and Mathematics education

If you cannot find something please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Getting started

All the information and guidance you need to get started and benefit from the network from day one.

Get involved

Easy to engage with benefits of the network, including special events, resources and opportunities.

Share with others

Share your great ideas and teaching examples to raise your profile and that of your school/college through our blog and other networks.

Find out who else is in the network via our Royal Society Schools Network map. If you are close by to another school or college, why not get in touch and plan some activities and events together?

Royal Society Schools Network blog