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UK-based activities

UK delegates who attended the 2017 Science on Stage European festival, will be attending teaching conferences and events across the UK across the next academic year, sharing their projects and the best practice they saw from other teachers and technicians from across the world.

The schools' exhibition at the Association for Science Education conference 2016

Invite the UK delegates to your local event:

If you are organising an event for teachers - such as a teachmeet, area SLT meeting, inset day training activities... etc - why not invite a Science on Stage UK delegate to present at your event?

They can talk about the project they exhibited at the Science on Stage European festival in Hungary, and share all the best practice, ideas and the experience they had meeting 450 teachers from across the world. Please contact us with any requests or questions.

Upcoming confirmed events:

  • ASE Conference - In January 2018 a number of representatives from the UK delegation will be attending the ASE annual conference. Please keep an eye on this page as the programme is confirmed. You can find a write up about the 2016 schools' exhibition in this edition of Education in Science magazine

Free STEM resources:

There are a number of resources available through Science on Stage Europe covering activities in the broad areas of biology, chemistry, physics, maths and technology.

Developed by teachers for teachers, past UK delegates have often been involved in their development. They are available to download for free and can augment your current STEM classes in a fun and practical way.

  • iStage 3 Football in Science Teaching - From the perfect curve of a ball’s trajectory to the ideal turf requirements and the influence of energy drinks on player's performance, iStage 3 contains a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary challenges for secondary school students.
  • European STEM League - Have a go at the iStage 3 teaching ideas in your own classrooms, record the results and enter them into the European STEM League. Schools and colleges must register before 31 October 2016 to take part, but can then work on their entry until May 2017.
  • iStage 2 Smartphones in Science Teaching - From colour chemistry to the earths magnetic field, iStage 2 provides a unique summary of practical examples from all over Europe of how to integrate Smartphones into daily classes at secondary level.

Opportunities for UK delegates:

Teachers and technicians who were UK delegates at the 2017 Science on Stage festival have the opportunity to take part in teacher exchanges and joint projects with teachers from other countries. This provides the opportunity to develop Joint Projects to submit to Science on Stage, but also to share knowledge from across Europe with UK Schools and Colleges.

Read about the 2016 workshop event between the UK and Italy or the Teacher Exchange between the UK and Netherlands to find out more.

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