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2017 Science on Stage festival, Hungary

A member of the 2015 UK delegation shows their project on post-performance workshops in science

A delegation of 12 UK teachers has been chosen to represent the UK at the next Science on Stage festival in Debrecen, Hungary 2017. Under the festival motto of "Inventing the Future of Science Education"  they will present posters on their teaching ideas to around 450 teachers and technicians from all over the world.

The 2017 UK delegation

The following UK delegates will be presenting their teaching ideas and projects at The European Science on Stage festival 2017:

  • Adrian Allan - Smells like Teen Shampoo
  • Christina Astin - Young Scientists Journal
  • Ann Blanking - Creating projects in science clubs
  • Evelyn Clawson - The Little Red Hen
  • Emma Crisell - What can we learn from Viking poo?
  • Sam Croston - Space Camp UK – a low cost, in-school Space Science residential programme
  • Anna Dove - How science works – inspiring and engaging ourselves and each other
  • John Dyer - The humble little water flea, engaging minds from primary to university
  • Jennie Hargreaves - Be a road crash investigator – the physics of road safety
  • Carole Kenrick - The Manuka Honey project: children as scientists
  • Simon Lewis - Researching the genetics of Lyme disease using ticks, PCR, electrophoresis and Sixth formers
  • Denise Thomas - Using Anaerobic Digestion of Seaweed as a renewable energy source for the Tidal Lagoon

The following teachers will also be attended as part of the UK delegation:

  • Kulvinder Johal - Primary Science Teaching Trust
  • Jackie Flaherty - Ogden Trust

If you have been inspired by the UK delegation and their teaching ideas, why not invite them to speak about their experience at your next teacher event?

Keen to take part yourself, the eligibility rules for this years delegation can be found on our 2017 UK eligibility page. Updated rules and process will be posted next year when the UK application process opens for the 2019 festival. 

The following joint project, linked to a UK delegate from 2015, has also been accepted by the European team to present at Science on Stage:

  • David Teasdale / Hans Mulder - Slime molds – Physarum polycephalum