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Challenge Grants


As part of the Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF), the Royal Society launched Royal Society Challenge Grants.This scheme was an exciting opportunity for the exceptional scientists supported by the Society through its Dorothy Hodgkin, University Research, Sir Henry Dale and Industry Fellowships, Wolfson Research Merit Award holders and Research Professorships to work on some of the global challenges and problems facing developing countries. This scheme is not currently open to applications.

The objectives of the Challenge Grants were to enable some of the Royal Society's best researchers to:

  • develop new areas of research that will address such global challenges directly and primarily relevant to developing countries
  • employ interdisciplinary approaches to address some of the complex research questions posed by global development problems
  • develop collaborations with the best overseas researchers around the world to encourage new alliances to be brought together

Who was eligible?

Applicants were eligible to apply if: 

  • they were a Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow, University Research Fellow, Sir Henry Dale Fellow, Industry Fellow, Wolfson Merit Research Award holder or Research Professor
  • they addressed research questions or problems relevant to Global Challenge themes and ultimately benefit the economic development and welfare of developing countries (i.e. compliant with the ODA guidelines)

What was the scheme's value?

The scheme provided up to £100,000 for a duration of 12 months, and could be used flexibly on activities directly relevant to the research.

The funding could be used to cover research expenses, salary (or contribution) for research assistance, collaborative travel, and small pieces of equipment up to the value of £10,000.