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Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

This scheme is for outstanding post-doctoral scientists wishing to build their own UK-based, independent research career addressing an important biomedical question.

The scheme is a partnership between the Royal Society and the Wellcome Trust. It supports research ranging from molecules and the cells vital to life, to the spread of diseases and vectors of disease around the world, to public health research. 

You can apply for this scheme if you:

  • have a PhD and significant postdoctoral research experience
  • have made important contributions to your area of research, eg publications, patents, software development or an impact on policy
  • have sponsorship from a head of department or equivalent at an eligible host organisation in the UK (applicants who want to be based in the Republic of Ireland should apply for a Research Career Development Fellowship instead)
  • are conducting research within the biomedical sciences and are aligned to the remit of one of the review panels

This scheme is not open to individuals who wish to combine research with a continuing clinical career in medicine, psychology, dentistry or veterinary practice.

If you have held or are currently completing a nationally competitive fellowship at the same level as this fellowship then you are not eligible to apply for this scheme. If you are currently applying for another Wellcome Trust fellowship or a Royal Society University Research Fellowship you are also unable to apply.

Resubmissions are not normally allowed. If a previous full application has been unsuccessful, please contact the Wellcome Trust for advice.

The scheme provides funding for five years, with the potential to apply for a competitive extension for an additional three years.

The scheme covers:

  • a basic salary for the Fellow, as determined by the host organisation 
  • Wellcome Trust fellowship supplement of £7,500 per annum for your personal support
  • research expenses, normally including research post (postdoctoral research assistant or technician)