Case study: Dr Aikaterini Lalatsa

International Exchange, 2015-2017
University of Portsmouth, UK and University of Linz, Austria
SMFS-TREC validation of GBM molecular targets for endocrine nanomedicines

"We applied for the International Exchange Scheme in order to establish a new collaboration with an international expert in SFMS-TREC spectroscopy.

"This collaboration allowed us to access world class facilities in SFMS-TREC and expertise needed in order to illustrate the expression of the targeted receptor in immortalised and human low passage GBM (glioblastoma) cells obtained from patient biopsies as well as elucidate the interaction of peptide nanofibers with GBM cells and topographically map the expression of the receptor on GBM cells and correlate the expression of the targeted receptor on GBM cells with the binding probability of the peptide nanofibers to the targeted GPCRs on GBM cells.

"The PhD and post-doc visiting were trained in SFMS-TREC and data analysis and managed to fully obtain results expected. They took part in team meetings while at University of Linz. Visiting the department has strengthened the collaboration and has enabled us to apply for another two grants.

"Apart from several conferences oral and poster presentations and 2 book chapters, we are planning to publish two high impact papers within this year. Following the International Exchange grant, we have an established and sustained collaboration that has strengthened our consortium in securing funding."