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Royal Society Wolfson Fellowship 2018 Round 3 Awardees

The Royal Society and the Wolfson Foundation have announced the recipients of the Royal Society Wolfson Fellowship 2018 Round 3, bringing an end to the first year of the new £8 million scheme which supports UK universities and research institutions to recruit and retain outstanding senior research scientists, particularly researchers from outside the UK.

The full list of awardees are, in alphabetical order:

Professor Andreas Freise
Gravitational Wave Astronomy at the Quantum Limit
University of Birmingham

Professor Sergi Garcia-Manyes
Biochemistry under force: identifying novel molecular mechanosensors
King’s College London

Professor David Hannah
Water in a changing environment: too much, too little, too polluted?
University of Birmingham

Professor Christopher Herzog
Boundaries and Defects in Quantum Field Theory and Gravity
King’s College London

Professor Bradley Love
Integrating Embedding Spaces
University College London

Professor Peter Moody
Enzyme mechanism through advanced techniques
University of Leicester

Professor Mauro Paternostro
Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics for the Quantum to Classical Transition
Queen’s University Belfast

Professor Jose Penades
Deciphering how Gram-negative phage-inducible chromosomal islands are induced in nature
University of Glasgow

Professor Philippe Schyns
Deeper Interpretation of Brain and Deep Convolutional Networks using Content Brain and Behaviour Imaging
University of Glasgow