Media skills for scientists

The next Media skills course will take place at the Royal Society in London on 25 January 2024. To find out more please contact Eligible attendees: Royal Society Daphne Jackson, Dorothy Hodgkin, Industry, Newton International, Sir Henry Dale, University Research and Wolfson Fellows.

This one-day course will help you develop skills to effectively engage with the science media and communicate your research to wider audiences.

About the course

In a world where science is vital but often misunderstood, it's crucial for scientists to convey the insights from their work clearly and confidently. The Media skills for scientists course is designed to equip you with high-level skills to interact effectively with journalists and share your knowledge with wider audiences.  

On this one-day course, you will learn how to connect your work with non-specialist audiences, understand how the media operate, and prepare for different kinds of media interviews.  

During the course, exercises including practice radio and TV interviews and expert guidance on anticipating and preparing for difficult questions, together with advice on physical presentation skills, will help you develop your confidence.  

Highlights of the course include individual feedback on writing and interviews from leading science journalists and communicators who have first hand experience as research-active scientists. You will have the opportunity to review your own interview performance privately afterwards through optional recordings. 

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Benefits for participants

  • Find out how science makes the news
  • Receive personalised coaching and advice on best practice
  • Understand the specific requirements for print, audio, and video media content
  • Practice broadcast interviews, developing from 'soft' interviews that introduce basic techniques to 'hard' interviews that practise handling controversial issues, and from 'face-to-face' to 'remote' interview formats
  • Review digital recordings of practice interviews privately after the course, with feedback from professional presenters

About the trainers

This course is designed for scientists by SciConnect and led by principal trainers Dr Claire Ainsworth and Professor Jon Copley, along with additional guest trainers with backgrounds in science writing, editing and broadcasting for national and international outlets.  

Dr Claire Ainsworth is an award-winning freelance science journalist and trainer, who formerly worked as a reporter and editor at New Scientist and Nature.

Professor Jon Copley is a scientist who has interacted extensively with the media about his research, and previously worked as a Reporter and Assistant News Editor at New Scientist. He is now Professor of Ocean Exploration and Science Communication at the University of Southampton. 

Jon and Claire co-founded SciConnect in 2006 and have equipped more than 15,000 scientists with the skills to engage and inspire wider audiences with their work.

Upcoming dates

The next full day course will be held on Thursday 25 January 2024.  Register here.


For all enquiries, please email