This scheme gives policymakers and research scientists an opportunity to experience each other’s worlds.

“It was a real pleasure to spend time with a real scientist who actually understands issues regarding cancer and obesity from a rational and rigorous perspective. It makes a change from a lot of political debate! I look forward to spending time with Britta later in the year when I get to spend time in her world for a couple of days, where I hope to learn a lot.” -Bim Afolami MP was paired with Dr Britta Stordal, Associate Professor in Cancer Research at Middlesex University London. 

Taking part in the Royal Society pairing scheme will give you a chance to learn about the science behind the issues regularly raised by your constituents and meet experts who can provide information on policy topics that you are scrutinising in parliament. You will have the opportunity to find out more about your local universities, research facilities, schools or businesses, and meet students and scientists living and working in your constituency.

To take part you will need to set aside time in your diary to meet with your scientist pair twice during the week and take part in a roundtable discussion. We would also value an opportunity for your pair to meet with your staff and learn more about your day to day work.

If you are interested in taking part in the Royal Society pairing scheme or would like more information please email