Royal Society Wolfson Laboratory Refurbishment Grant

The Royal Society Wolfson Laboratory Refurbishment programme ran between 1998 and 2017. It is not currently open for applications.

This scheme aimed to improve the existing physical infrastructure in UK universities to promote high quality scientific research.

Funding for each round supported a particular subject area. The most recent focus was on "Infectious Disease", which can be interpreted widely to include:

  • infections of humans and animals, including cellular and molecular biology, microbial physiology, biodiversity, animal models and structural biology relating to these diseases
  • disease susceptibility, immunity and resistance in natural hosts, animal models and vectors
  • infectious disease distribution and transmission (including methodologies such as epidemiology, mathematical modelling, bioinformatics and statistics).

The proposed refurbishment could either be for a UK laboratory or an overseas laboratory wholly or majority owned and operated by a UK based research organisation or university.

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The scheme was funded by the Wolfson Foundation.