Investment through the Royal Society Enterprise Fund

The Royal Society Enterprise Fund is a new initiative aimed at providing equity finance and other support to start up companies with outstanding commercial potential founded on excellent science and technology.

Introduction to the Enterprise Fund (5 mins).

Uniquely, the fund is financed by philanthropy and is designed to be evergreen, with all financial returns recycled into the fund to support future investments. 

The operation of the fund builds on the strength and breadth of the Royal Society network of Fellows, Research Fellows and other relationships. As well as providing a continuing high-quality flow of investment opportunities, these networks support the fund with due diligence and other important advice.

The objective for the Royal Society Enterprise Fund is to become a financially successful contributor to early stage company support and a role model for the translation of excellent science for commercial and social benefit.

Since 2008 the management team has led the investment in a portfolio of five companies. We are interested in receiving proposals for funding from innovative early-stage technology companies that have strong prospects for growth.

Latest news

Enterprise Fund Company Wins Leading European Award (20th July 2013)

Sphere Fluidics was a finalist in the 5th Academic Enterprise Awards (ACES) for the best start-up businesses in Europe, and has won the Life Sciences company Award.

Its innovative technology can dramatically increase the rate of discovery of the ‘one in a million’ chemical reactions that can lead to the generation of new drug candidates. Sphere Fluidics has been supported by significant investment from the Royal Society Enterprise Fund and others since 2010.

For information on ACES awards please follow this link

Enterprise Fund portfolio company keeps human liver alive outside body (15 Mar 2013)
Over a decade of research by Oxford University academics leads to the world’s first liver transplant using a liver kept alive and functioning on a machine outside the patient’s body. This device is being commercialised by Royal Society Enterprise Fund portfolio company, OrganOx.

Royal Society Enterprise Fund portfolio company Sphere Fluidics closes £1.6 million investment round (01 Mar 2013)
Sphere Fluidics, an early-stage, Cambridge-based company focussing on developing novel products and services for single cell analysis, has just completed a £1.6 million investment round.

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