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Use OpenURL to link to your library holding in Royal Society articles.

Download KBART metadata and index Royal Society journals in your listings.

Royal Society journals are hosted in partnership with HighWire Press. We ask that our subscribers use the HighWire librarians’ portal to manage their subscriptions, where possible.

Account activation

New subscriber accounts must be activated to enable online access. To activate your account, enter your Customer Number into either the institutional account activation or personal account activation form. Please contact us if you cannot find your Customer Number or are experiencing access problems.

Renewing customers’ accounts will be activated if you have previously provided IP addresses and activated your account. Click here to update your account details.

You may need to associate your subscriptions with your Highwire account, before you can manage them online via the HighWire Administrator Toolkit.

IP registration

Ensure your readers can access journal content by providing us with your institutions IP addresses.

You can update the list of IP addresses for your organisation by completing this form.

Usage statistics

In order to generate usage statistics for your institution you must have a Highwire account, please see the section above on account activation.

The 3 sections of the report are as follows.

Total usage statistics

This section shows 2 sets of statistics, "Total usage" and "Unique event", for each category. Total usage identifies the total number of pages that have been accessed by your institution for each category. Unique event identifies the unique number of pages viewed by your institution for that category, eliminating duplicate usage, for the month of the report.

The categories in the report are:

  • Home page: Identifies the number of times the home page has been viewed
  • Current Issue TOC: The number of times the Table of Contents (TOC) for the most current issue, at the time of the report, has been viewed
  • All TOCs: The usage of all TOC pages
  • Searches: The number of searches performed on the search page
  • Abstracts: The number of abstracts or groups of abstracts that have been viewed
  • Full Text HTML: The number of full text articles in HTML format viewed
  • PDFs: The number of PDF (Portable Document Format) files downloaded
  • User Names: Unique user names accessing the journals
  • IP Addresses in use: Unique IP addresses accessing the journals

Article usage by section

This section identifies the total number of articles accessed per section through your institutional subscription, followed by the number of unique event statistics and the total access statistics for the documents formats that were viewed through your institutional subscription: Abstracts, Full Text Articles in HTML, and PDF.

Top 10 articles

This section shows the top 10 most requested articles by your institution. The statistics provided include the number of times the HTML full text format, PDF format, and abstract format have been viewed, the sum of 3 formats, and the age of the article. The full citation for the articles and a link to the full text version is also provided.

Mobile vouchers

Mobile vouchers are codes that connect a reader’s mobile device to their institution's subscriptions. The voucher grants access to protected content while not on the institution's network. Each mobile device must be vouched for individually and vouchers are only valid for the publisher for which it is issued.

To obtain access, a reader should:

The process must be completed within 48 hours.

Once applied, the voucher can grant access to content for anywhere between 1 and 12 months, depending on the publication. There is a possibility that an institution's subscription for a particular publication will expire before a voucher, in which case the voucher will no longer provide access.

OpenURL configuration

If you have an OpenURL link resolver, such as SFX, you can create links back to your library holdings in the reference sections of Royal Society articles. Such links help your patrons find the most appropriate copy of the article they are seeking at your institution.

You can set up your configurations on Highwire’s OpenURL page.

KBART metadata

The Royal Society endorses KBART and is a registered participant of Phase I.

For link-resolver suppliers all details pertaining to our titles are available for download as TXT or XLS files (last updated 30 June 2014) that conform to the KBART Phase I Recommended Practice. Please contact us with any feedback on these files.

Institutional licences

The academic single site licence is available here.

Multi-site, consortia and enterprise licences are available on request.

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