Inspiring #scibooks: celebrating 30 years of popular science writing

We are thrilled to be celebrating 30 years of the Royal Society’s Science Books Prize. Described by Radio 4 as “the Booker Prize of science writing” it’s the only major international prize that celebrates popular science writing.

The very best science writing is inspiring, moving and just as compelling as writing in any other genre. What’s more, it has an important role to play in promoting a wider understanding of science and its relevance to us all.

Keith Moore, Head of the Library at the Royal Society, has helped us choose some of the most inspiring science books of all time. Do you agree or would you choose differently? Tell us in our Inspiring #scibooks poll before it closes at 23:59 on Sunday 16 July (BST). The results will be revealed for our 30th anniversary celebration, being held in partnership with the British Library, on 19 July.

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