Information for schools and other youth groups

Applications to be a judging panel for the Young People's Book Prize 2023 are now closed. For enquiries about the Prize, please contact us.

Every year we invite school and youth groups to join our collection of judging panels from across the UK who pick the winner of the Young People's Book Prize.

Over 600 judging panels receive a free set of shortlisted books – it’s a great opportunity to receive six brilliant books aimed at enthusing and exciting children about science. 

How does it all work?

An adult panel of judges chooses a shortlist of six brilliant science books written in the previous year. Once these have been picked, we hand over the task of picking a winner to those who know best – young people aged up to 14 across the UK.

Judging panels can be in schools, libraries, science centres or youth groups: participation is open to any groups who are able to meet and discuss the shortlist and vote for what they think is the best book.

Each judging panel mirrors the shortlisting panel, electing their own Chair, holding judging meetings, discussing the merits of each book and submitting their vote and comments. All participating groups have an equal say in deciding the winner.

Each group receives a judging pack with all the information they need to take part. The results from all the groups are then collated by us to determine the winner.

We ask that each judging panel is overseen by a responsible adult, who will ensure the judges provide their decision, and supporting comments and information to us.

Alongside the judging, we run a video competition which gives panels an opportunity to share their experiences in a creative way and a chance to win prizes.

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