About the book

How long are your intestines? How many mites live in your eyelashes? Do all adults wear clean underwear? Find out disgusting, hilarious, weird and wacky facts about your body with this awesome book! Are you ready for another EPIC book from the winner of the Blue Peter Book Award 2016 (Best Book with Facts)?

What did the judges think?

"It’s awesome of course, because it’s our body. This book explains the magic of our body, except it’s not magic, of course, it’s science. It helps us see how things that are amazing can be explained scientifically and how they work. From things we don’t think about like breathing, to things we actively do, like running. It puts what’s awesome about our bodies into perspective too. Why have we evolved in a certain way and how they compare to other animals? We can learn what’s going on in our bodies and how we perceive the world."

About the author

Adam Frost is one of the UK's most exciting new children's writers. His stories can be found in print, online and in exhibitions and installations. He has won the Blue Peter Book Award 2016 - Best Book with Facts, and been nominated for the Ottakar's (now Waterstone's) Children's Book Prize.

Adam Frost
Adam Frost