About the book

Explore what it takes to be counted among the deadliest animals on Earth…

From the saltwater crocodile's strong bite to the golden eagle's speed as it attacks from the air, many of the creatures you'll discover here are built for danger. But what makes a chameleon or ant so threatening, and which creature is deadliest to humans despite its tiny size?

Find out with award-winning illustrator Ben Rothery's fact-filled world of the most spectacular and sometimes surprisingly dangerous creatures on our planet.

ISBN: 9780241532263 

What did the judges think?

Chair of the judges Professor Usha Goswami said: "The detailed illustrations in this book are incredible, it really feels like you could reach out and touch some of the animals through the page. The incorporation of the Latin names for the animals pictured was very unique."

About the author and illustrator

Ben Rothery is a detail-obsessed illustrator from Norwich, via Cape Town. He combines multiple processes to create intricate and delicate illustrations and repeating patterns, full of fine detail and vibrant colour.

Much of Ben's work is inspired or informed by his love of nature - he grew up wanting variously to be a shark, dinosaur or David Attenborough crossed with Indiana Jones, but settled upon illustration as a compromise that allowed him to bring those fantasies to life on paper. In 2021 he won the prestigious Silver Pencil Award for Hidden Planet, and his work is published throughout the world.

Ben works from a small but perfectly formed studio in London, which he shares with an unnecessarily large collection of very sharp pencils.

Ben Rothery
Ben Rothery