International collaboration and AI

Science is a global endeavour, and supporting international scientific collaboration is a fundamental part of the Royal Society’s mission. The Society works with international partners and networks to advance discussions about the frontiers of AI and its implications for national and international research and policy, through a programme bi- and multi-lateral meetings.

International science-policy dialogues

The impact of AI on fairness and equality, transparency, and democracy: In November 2018, the Royal Society and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences convened a workshop exploring key research questions about the impact of AI on society. 

Read the workshop notes (PDF)

European collaboration in AI: Building on the findings of the Society’s Machine Learning report, in April 2019 the Society and Leopoldina convened a workshop on European collaboration in machine learning and AI.

In the context of new initiatives to support AI research in Europe, such as the European Lab for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS), this workshop note summarises discussions amongst leading researchers about the opportunities and challenges for European scientific collaboration in AI. 

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Making Europe a leader in AI:  in an online interactive event, Venki Ramakrishnan, President of the Royal Society, Antoine Petit, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), and Martin Stratmann, President of the Max Planck Society, discussed the opportunities for European collaboration in the field of AI. Together with AI experts, they explored the potential for Europe to be an attractive and leading research destination for AI.

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Artificial Intelligence and UK – China collaboration: a two day online virtual dialogue held by the Royal Society and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in September 2020. Talks and discussions outlined the state of the art and future research directions in AI; AI ethics; and applications of AI to grand challenges such as health and climate change. Chaired by Sir Adrian Smith and Professor Liu Chenglin. Sir Keith Burnett FRS additionally shared further thoughts after the event, on our blog.

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AI: an international dialogue: Where is international collaboration in AI research and policy necessary to support the careful stewardship of AI technologies? A May 2019 symposium at the US National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine started an international dialogue about the research and policy challenges that can be addressed with cooperation across borders. 

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G7-Science academies meetings

Annual meetings of the G7 science academies started in 2005 and have become a major platform through which the Society collaborates with other leading science academies. The academies discuss and produce statements on global challenges in order to inform and influence public policies and debate.

In recent years, the academies have produced the following statements on AI: