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International case studies

As well as a mapping of the current post-16 qualification mix and subject choice of students in England, the Royal Society commissioned a series of international case studies, which look at how curriculum reform has been managed in other countries and the drivers behind these reforms. The case studies (Sweden, Belarus, Ireland, Mauritius, Hong Kong and Spain) are available to download from this page.

2018 International Ministerial Summit on Textbooks

The Royal Society recognises the importance of a stable and coherent curriculum across the educational system throughout England. With this in mind, the Society hosted a Summit on textbooks jointly with Cambridge Assessment and the Department for Education, which was an important milestone in ensuring high quality textbooks and other resources are available for teachers and pupils.

World-leading educational experts and government representatives from 16 countries were welcomed to share evidence and insights on the importance of high-quality textbooks and how to ensure their use across varied education systems.

Delegates heard various case studies emphasising how textbooks can help in reducing the pressure on teacher workloads, retaining curriculum cohesion and ensuring all students have equal access to learning and resources.

Cambridge Assessment have produced a summary of the event, which highlights the outcomes of the discussions from the summit helping to shape the development of resources as part of the curriculum.