What are genetic technologies?

What do we mean by genetic technologies? These can be anything to do with understanding, making or adapting genetic material. One technology in particular, genome editing, is attracting a lot of attention as it enables faster, easier, cheaper and more precise changes to DNA. 

Modern genetic technologies like genome editing would not be possible without all the previous generations of genetic technologies that have enabled scientists to discover what genes are, what they do and how DNA can be modified to add, remove or replace genes. 

Find out more about the history of genetic technologies and how we’ve got to where we are now.

Jargon buster

Don’t know your gene from your genome? Ever wondered what CRISPR stands for? Have a look at our jargon buster for some clear definitions of the words and phrases that come up a lot when discussing genetic technologies.

Case studies and videos

Want to learn more about some of the things that genetic technologies are being used for or might be used for? Check out the case studies and videos that participants discussed in the public dialogue workshops, including arguments for and against particular uses of genetic technologies and some of the alternative ways to deliver the same outcome.