Science and mathematics education 5-14

The third project in our 'state of the nation' series focuses on the early years of formal education, from the start of primary school to the point at which in their early secondary education children will already have been given a first opportunity to make GCSE or equivalent subject choices.

This report has a triple purpose: (i) to provide a summary of the quantitative information that is available on attainment and the workforce in respect of 5–14 science and mathematics education across the UK; (ii) to explain the factors considered to have been influential in producing any observed trends; and (iii) to make recommendations to policy makers on specific actions to improve 5–14 science and mathematics education in the UK. A summary of the key issues in 5–11 science and mathematics education, Primary science and mathematics education: getting the basics right, is based upon and published alongside this report.

We encourage discussion of issues within this report via the STEM Advisory Forum.

Working Group

The third report of the 'State of the nation' project was led by a Working Group, made up of experts in education. Professor Wynne Harlen OBE was the chair of the Working Group.