S&T Committee (Commons): The use of science in UK International Development policy

13 January 2004

Research, knowledge, and technology are fundamental components in a strategy to eliminate poverty and ensure that development is sustainable for the worlds poorest countries. However, the use of science in UK international development policy across Government departments is disparate and inadequate.

Responding to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee Inquiry into the Use of Science in UK International Development Policy, the Royal Society recommended that the Department for International Development (DfID) establish a post of Chief Scientist and strengthen scientific in-house expertise to enable a more co-ordinated scientific strategy for development policy across all Government Departments.

Submitted prior to DfID finalising a New Research Strategy, the Royal Societys response also calls on the Department to place a greater emphasis on long-term and underpinning research that would contribute to the broader UK international development objectives. The submission also urges the Government to increase support for scientific training and capacity building in poorer countries.

Royal Society press release, 13 January 2004- Dfid failing to harness science to help the poor