CoRWM: Waste management options - scores from specialist workshops

01 March 2005

This response concerns the results produced by the Committee on Radioactive Waste Managements (CoRWM) specialist workshops. These workshops, in December 2005, assigned scores for various performance criteria to the short-listed waste management options.

The response concludes that in general, the scores give a reasonable assessment of the different options, although there are a few criteria and options where we do not agree. However, many of the waste management options considered in the scoring are not mutually exclusive. We urge CoRWM to present a systematic strategy that considers how these options can be combined. We also express misgivings about how the scores have been summarised and whether this provides sufficient information on which to make an informed judgement. Finally, it is vital that CoRWM ensure that the scientific community continue to be involved in the further analysis of the scores.

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