S&T Committee (Commons): Space policy

01 September 2006

In September 2006 the Royal Society submitted evidence to House of Commons science and technology select committee inquiry on UK space policy.

The key points raised included:

A co-ordinating body with a much more proactive role, such as a UK Space Agency, is needed if there is to be greater involvement with international bodies and initiatives that could bring benefits to the UK space community.

A UK Space Agency should cover both science and applications, and would need to have a balanced representation of academia, industry and overseas partners. 

The UK's low level of involvement with the European Space Agency could compromise the UK taking a leading role developing technologies for European missions; the scope for commercial exploitation of these technologies; and the standing of the UK space science community.

UK space science requires a strong skills base and a healthy and sustainable pool of research scientists to ensure the UK space science community retains its world class reputation in the long term.