UK-Brazil Frontiers of Science meeting

18 February 2011

In August 2010, over 70 outstanding early-career scientists from the UK and Brazil came together in a remote location near Itatiba in São Paulo state. On the agenda was an extraordinarily diverse range of research topics, including biofuels, brain plasticity, the mathematical modelling of opulations and disease, science journalism, quantum ntanglement, and the effect of climate change on plant dvelopment. The meeting was the latest in the Frontiers of Science programme, which brings together future leaders in science from around the world.

The Royal Society partnered with FAPESP (Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo - the Research Council for the State of São Paulo) on the meeting, the content of which was devised by an organising committee of 16 scientists from both countries, and which a delegation of 8 scientists from Chile also attended. This report summarises the key issues and findings discussed at the symposium. It is not necessarily an expression of the views of the Royal Society.