Science and Innovation in the UK

24 August 2015

This document sets out the functions and objectives of a sub-set of non-Government and government partner organisations working in science and innovation in the UK, complementing the UK Government’s Science and Innovation Strategy. It provides a reference for prospective partners and funders overseas, as well as the growing network of overseas posts that have research and innovation in their remit.

The organisations accounted for in this document are:

  1. The British Council
  2. Innovate UK
  3. Met Office
  4. Research Councils UK (RCUK)
  5. The UK Higher Education International Unit (IU)
  6. The UK's National Academies
  7. Arthritis Research UK
  8. British Heart Foundation
  9. Cancer Research UK

The accompanying dedicated information sheets summarise the roles of these leading UK organisations engaged in promoting research and innovation cooperation alongside government in the UK and internationally.