Conference report: Delivering novel therapies in the 21st century

18 February 2019

On 24-25 October 2018, leading scientists from across academia and industry attended the Delivering novel therapies in the 21st century conference at the Royal Society to discuss recent scientific advances in therapeutic modalities and delivery and the infrastructure required to develop novel treatments, and the implications of these advances for policy and healthcare delivery.


The first day of the conference considered emerging and state-of-the-art therapeutic modalities and drug delivery systems and the impact that these are likely to have on a range of diseases with high unmet need. 

On the second day of the conference, these therapies were put in the context of the accompanying social and technological environment, including aspects such as data and digital technologies, new ways to value medicines, the vast potential of genomics and how the NHS might be prepared to adopt these new therapies.


This conference is part of a series organised by the Royal Society entitled Breakthrough science and technologies: Transforming our future, which addresses the major scientific and technical challenges of the next decade.