Reasons to keep UK science in European programmes

03 March 2020

The UK’s participation in EU Framework Programmes for research and innovation has been crucial to the growth and global influence of European science. 

Maintaining this relationship under the next programme Horizon Europe will mean that we continue to benefit from each other’s strengths as a competitive and unified European Research Area and build on Europe’s progress as a global science and innovation powerhouse.

This statement offers five reasons for keeping UK science in European programmes.

*UK-EU collaboration and COVID-19*

UK based researchers are highly involved in COVID-19 related research funded by the European Research Council. Of 39 live projects in this area, 20% are led by UK academics. Examples of Horizon 2020 funded collaborative research on the pandemic involving EU and UK partners include the I-MOVE-COVID-19 project aimed at obtaining epidemiological, clinical and virological information about COVID-19 and the PREPARE initiative providing infrastructure, co-ordination and integration of clinical research networks. Information on the Royal Society's response to COVID-19 is also available.

Read more on the case for UK association to Horizon Europe and the Royal Society’s response to the Sir Adrian Smith review of future frameworks for international collaboration on research and innovation.

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