Joint National Academies Letter to the new Foreign Secretary

19 October 2021

Along with the other national academies, the Royal Society wrote to the new Foreign Secretary, welcoming her to the role and setting out how we can support her in our shared ambition to become a scientific superpower by 2030 – strengthening our global position in research, unleashing a new wave of innovation and revitalising our international ties.

The UK has comparative advantage in many areas of research, technology and innovation. This comparative advantage in research and innovation has helped the UK be a leader in providing robust evidence for development on the most pressing global development challenges. Maintaining these strengths through continued research and innovation overseas development aid (ODA) and non-ODA funding is key to ensuring that the UK remains best placed to deliver internationally.

The UK National Academies are well-placed to deliver a range of high-achieving instruments when it comes to international collaborations and partnerships. These include capacity building and knowledge systems strengthening, cutting-edge global development challenges research, and fostering new partnerships and collaborations with key partners in the Global South.