The British Academy and the Royal Society advocate increased uptake of Core Maths qualifications

26 January 2022

Why should Core Maths qualifications be more widely offered?

Core Maths qualifications are ‘practical and valuable’ for all students post-16.

The Royal Society and the British Academy believe there is a strong case for increasing the mathematical and quantitative skills of young people. These skills are central for encouraging social mobility and driving economic growth.

To meet the substantial unmet need for these valuable skills, more students should continue with mathematics beyond the age of 16. Core Maths qualifications are equivalent to AS levels and are specifically designed to be relevant for other areas of study and to prepare young people for the practical use of mathematics in the world of work and further learning.

How will we achieve this change?

The statement suggests a number of routes to reaching this goal. These include increased funding for schools, clear signalling by universities and engagement from employers.

A combined and powerful voice

The Royal Society and the British Academy wish to send a strong message of support to those schools and colleges already delivering Core Maths qualifications and to encourage others to follow in their path.

The Academies have joined together in this statement to emphasise the relevance of mathematical and quantitative skills across a very broad range of studies, in almost every occupation and in the business of everyday living.