Royal Society response to Low Carbon Transition Plan

15 July 2009

The Government today (15th July) published its Low Carbon Transition Plan, comprising elements from the Departments of Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Business, Innovation and Skills and Transport.

Martin Rees, President of the Royal Society, made the following comment:

"The Royal Society welcomes the Government's recognition that decarbonising electricity and transport and increasing energy efficiency are essential.  Moreover the UK can derive great benefit from taking a lead in innovative science and technology.  Any new investment by Government and industry is welcome.  Indeed, further increases will be necessary if we are to respond fittingly to developments in the US, where the Obama administration has given massive priority to clean energy.

We have seen much debate over priorities recently, with different factions promoting their own interests.  The time for sectoral division is over.   We must all, government, industry, academia and the public, accept responsibility for a global problem and act with responsibility.  We now have a vision and it is time to deliver on it."