2010 Reith Lectures - 3rd lecture

15 June 2010

In the Royal Society’s 350th anniversary year, President Martin Rees explores the challenges facing science in the modern world in the 2010 Reith Lectures: ‘Scientific Horizons’.

The third of the 2010 Reith lectures ‘What we’ll never know’ aired on BBC Radio 4 on the 15 June 2010 at 9am. Martin Rees explored the limitations of our scientific knowledge and discussed how the result of the search for extra-terrestrial life will transform humanity’s sense of self.

Podcasts of the first three lectures are available for download: download the podcasts.

The final lecture will be broadcast on Tuesday 22 June at 9am. Listeners can join an online discussion during each of the lectures on the Radio 4 blog, and follow the lectures on Twitter: @reith_lectures. Learn more about the lectures from Radio 4's Reith pages.