Seven days in science - 1 October 2010

01 October 2010

This week started at the Society with the discussion meeting Web science: A new frontier (27 and 28 September).

One of the speakers, Sir Tim Berners-Lee FRS, discussed the issues surrounding the Digital Economy Act (see the Telegraph  for more details) and the Society had three live ‘Twitter Chairs’ – you can still read the #RSwebsci Twitter stream to catch-up on everything covered. 

The September episode of the society podcast R. Science is now available for download. In this episode R.Science goes beyond the limits as we find out how the new biology of ageing is helping us to explore the challenges posed by ageing related diseases.  Professor Uta Frith FRS explains what neuroscience can tell us about lifelong learning.  Fred Pearce gives his views on an increasing population and Professor John Sulston FRS answers the question Why Science?

The Society is featured in a film from the new series See Britain through my eyes. The video, which looks at science and the UK, is presented by astrophysicist and Royal Society University Research Fellow Giovanna Tinetti.

The Society has produced a new guide to the science of climate change. The guide summarises the current scientific evidence on climate change and its drivers, highlighting the areas where the science is well established, where there is still some debate, and where substantial uncertainties remain.