Seven days in science - 16 November 2010

16 November 2010

Leading developmental psychologist and self-confessed "museum addict", Professor Uta Frith FRS is giving the Victoria and Albert Museum's 2010 Henry Cole lecture (18 November). For details on other upcoming Royal Society anniversary events, visit the Royal Society anniversary events calendar.

Research published in the latest Proceedings of the Royal Society B suggests that women who experience stressful events early on in life tend to become pregnant at a much younger age than women who have more stable upbringings.The findings are a result of the first ever comprehensive survey into the connection between the age at which women give birth and events they experience in childhood. Read the Guardian write-up.

The discussion meeting New vaccines for global health, taking place at the Royal Society between 15 and 16 November 2010, reviews opportunities to design, develop and deploy the new vaccines urgently needed to meet global health priorities.

In celebration of the Royal Society’s 350th anniversary, the Royal Society Digital Journal Archive, from 1665 to 2010 inclusive, is free to view until 30 November 2010