Leading international researchers to begin fellowships in UK

26 November 2010

The third round of Newton International Fellowships has been awarded jointly by the UK’s national research academies – the British Academy, The Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society. The Fellowship programme is a government-sponsored initiative to ensure that the UK engages with the world’s most promising academics.

The Newton International Fellowships provide an opportunity for some of the most talented early career post-doctoral researchers working overseas to carry out world class research in UK institutions across all disciplines of humanities, engineering, natural and social sciences. Fellows will receive support in the region of £100,000 each for a two year period in the UK.
The collaborations and links formed by Newton Fellows during the course of their Fellowship will continue to be supported by the availability of follow-on funding of up to £6,000 per year each, for up to ten years to help develop lasting international networks.
Awards were made to the following:
Alex Alvarado
Fundamental limits of bit-interleaved coded modulation
University of Cambridge
Florencia Barrios
Does time spent on the inside or outside influence cell fate decisions in the mouse embryo?
University of Cambridge
Dejan-Kresimir Bucar
Cocrystals with advanced surface and bulk properties: engineering and applications
University of Cambridge
Khadija Carroll
Visual and verbal taxonomy from object collections from the British colonies
University of Cambridge
Michele Ceriotti
Quantum nuclei in ab-initio molecular dynamics
University of Oxford
Elena Chekmeneva
Cooperativity in molecular recognition
University of Sheffield
Xia Chen
Novel functional components for high-speed energy-efficient photonic interconnects
University of Surrey
Karen Hoi-yan Cheung
Monitoring of stress transferability and biodegradability of silk-reinforced PLA bone plates
University of Cambridge
Claudio Chiarolla
Intellectual property strategies for low carbon technology research, development and diffusion
School of Oriental and African Studies
Vojtech Forejt
Verification of nondeterminsitic and stochastic systems with time
University of Oxford
Jingyan Fu
Plk4, Asterless, Sas4 interactions in centriole formation and function

University of Cambridge
Sushobhan Ghosh
Interaction of metal complexes with quadruplex DNA as molecular probes and oncogene regulators
Imperial College London
Pavel Ginzburg

Quantum emitters in nano-plasmonic environment
King's College London
Isabel Guillamón
Iron-based superconductivity: Fermi surface and superconducting gap anisotropy

University of Bristol
Igor Gutierrez-Zugasti
Climatic change and coastal settlement in Northern Spain during the Pleistocene-Holocene transition
University of York
Marek Jankowiak
The Oriental trade between the Muslim lands and Northern Europe in the 9th and 10th centuries
University of Oxford
Ronald Jennings
Global subjects: Legal anthropology in the age of cosmopolitan law
London School of Economics & Political Science
Xiong Jin
Multifractal analysis of measures on random curves
University of St Andrews
Aras Kartouzian
Controlling surface chemistry on isolated size-selected metal clusters
University of Oxford
Tsan Yuk Lam
Combining genomic and epidemiological data to test models of influenza evolution
University of Oxford
Stefanie Liebe
The effect of functionally targeted single cell stimulation on neural activity and visual perception
University College London
Julian Mauricio Londono Monsalve

Enhanced structural control systems for damage reduction under earthquakes
University of Bristol
Allyson MacLean
The role of potential mobile units in phytoplasma adaptation to insect hosts

John Innes Centre
Chitra Murali
A multiscale approach to estimating non-Newtonian nature of human blood
Swansea University
Ghulam Nadri

The political economy of the indigo industry and trade in South Aasia, 1500-1900
London School of Economics & Political Science
Hirotaka Nakamura
Study on a relativistic oscillating mirror for novel radiation sources and electron jets

Imperial College London
Javier Navaridas
Networks-on-chip: Automatic network selection and synthesis of GALS
University of Manchester
Julien Oster
Suppression of magnetohydrodynamic effect on electrocardiogram in magnetic resonance imaging

University of Oxford
Yong Sung Park
Dynamic response of stratified, non-Newtonian, cohesive sediments to ocean surface waves
University of Dundee
Cedric Patthey
Evolution of placode-derived cell types assessed by transcriptome analysis
University of Oxford
Anna Pegoretti
Franciscan Florentine culture in the age of Dante
University of Leeds
Bruno Perreau
What's a family? Social work and gay adoption in France and in the United Kingdom
University of Cambridge
Aglae Pizzone
When Homer met Phantasia: Epic poetry and entertainment literature in Byzantium
University of Durham
Joshua Plotnik
A proximate understanding of cooperative behaviour in corvids and elephants
University of Cambridge
Helene Posson
Turbomachinery broadband noise prediction
University of Cambridge
Santitham Prom-on
Modelling speech prosody based on communicative function and articulatory dynamics
University College London
Simon Puglisi
Ranked document retrieval for general text indexes
King's College London
Laura Ross
Genomic conflict in scale insects: the causes and consequences of bizarre genetic systems
University of Oxford
Daniel Roy
Probabilistic programming and random data structures: Theory and algorithms
University of Cambridge
Shovonlal Roy
Remote-sensing based mathematical modelling on spectral regulation of mixed-layer and plankton bloom
University of Oxford
Vinodkumar Saranathan
Social hierarchy and sexual selection in blue tits: A robust biophysical approach
University of Oxford
Florian Steinberg
Role of SNX4:SNX7 and SNX4:SNX30 complexes in surface receptor recycling and cell motility
University of Bristol
Kartic Subr
Monte Carlo matrix chain product estimation for image synthesis
University College London
Paul Ugor
Reconstructing identities in precarious times: Youth and the politics of culture in Nigeria
University of Birmingham
Maxime Viallet
Implicit hydrodynamic simulations of stellar physics processes
University of Exeter
Zoe Elizabeth Wilson
Towards the second generation synthesis of azadirachtin
University of Cambridge
Amy Wyatt
The role of clusterin in age-related macular degeneration

University College London
Chuanlong Xu
Study of biomass/coal flow characteristics through sensor integration and multi-scale data fusion
University of Kent at Canterbury
Yan Yun
Household wealth of the elite families in Qing China: Life and material culture
University of Oxford
Junshan Zhou
Comparison of the elderly community care system in China and the United Kingdom
University of Sheffield
Further information about the Newton International Fellowships can be found at http://www.newtonfellowships.org/ .