Ask the scientist

20 June 2011

Today we are launching a new feature on our Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition exhibit pages called Ask the Scientist. This gives you the opportunity to have your questions answered directly by the scientists from some of the exhibits. All you have to do is go to one of the exhibit pages taking part and enter your question to the scientists for that exhibit.

Questions which get selected will be posted online along with the scientist’s answer. All questions will be moderated, but due to the volume of requests, unfortunately not all questions may be selected.

Ask the Scientist will be available until 1 July but the sooner you ask the question, the more likely you are to get an answer, so start thinking of some good questions!

The exhibits taking part in this feature include:

21st century traffic control: the invisible referee 
Aurora explorer: Cluster’s mission to the magnetosphere 
Bats and bugs: balancing conservation and public health 
Carbon flatland: Graphene: unexpected science in a pencil line 
Discovering particles: fundamental building blocks of the Universe 
Hearing shapes: Can you hear the shape of a graph? 
Keyhole surgery: Satnav for surgeons: accurately navigating the body’s arterial highways 
Noisy world: Speaking and listening in a noisy world 
Pesticide resistance: combating the superpests: the battle to save our food 
Solar nanotech: Putting sunshine in the tank – using nanotechnology to make solar fuel 
Trauma surgery: the science of the bleeding obvious!