Royal Society response to Department of Education announcement

09 November 2011

In response to the Department for Education's announcement on Initial Teacher Training Strategy Implementation Plan, Professor Dame Athene Donald FRS, Chair of the Royal Society Education Committee, said: "We welcome the Department for Education's decision to encourage individuals with a good A Level in science to embark on primary teacher training as a first step towards establishing science specialist primary teachers at every school, an initiative that the Royal Society recommended in its third State of the Nation report in July 2010.

It is essential that children are inspired with the joy and excitement of science, and the involvement of specialist science teachers will ensure this happens.  By investing in science specialist primary teachers now, the Government can choose to invest in future generations of scientists, with all the potential for economic growth they offer to the UK.  We look forward to hearing more from the Department for Education on their plans and working with them to deliver excellent scientific education at both primary and secondary levels."