Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships for 2013 announced

04 October 2013

The Royal Society has announced the appointment of five new Dorothy Hodgkin Fellows (DHFs) for 2013. The scientists started taking up their new posts at institutions across the UK at the start of October.

Infectious disease

The Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship scheme supports outstanding scientists and engineers at an early stage of their career. It is designed to help successful candidates progress to permanent academic positions across the UK. It is aimed specifically at researchers who require a flexible working pattern and is particularly popular with female scientists.

The new DHFs are working on projects which include exploring ways to improve children’s numeracy skills and investigating noncoding genetic elements and their relevance for understanding disease.

The full list of appointments is as follows:

Dr Sebastian Cachero – MRC Centre, Cambridge

Transynaptic labeling of neural circuits in Drosophila

Dr Julia Cordero – Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, Glasgow

Regulation of stem cell function during tissue homeostasis and transformation

Dr Camilla Gilmore – Loughborough University

Foundations of mathematics: Understanding and improving early numerical skills

Dr Ana Marques – University of Oxford

Mechanisms of intergenic long noncoding RNAs in homeostasis and disease

Dr Nathalie Vriend – University of Cambridge

Avalanching and segregation of granular flows

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