Royal Society elects new Fellows for 2013

03 May 2013

Pioneers of the Internet, computing, climate modelling and virtual surgery are just some of the experts who have been announced as new Fellows of the Royal Society today (3 May 2013).

Sophie Wilson has been elected for her contribution to computer architecture, including the BBC Microcomputer and BBC BASIC that introduced a generation to computing. She is joined by Dr Michael Burrows, of Google Inc, who is distinguished for his pioneering work on web search and indexing, helping to design of the early search engine Altavista.

Lord Ara Darzi PC KBE FMedSci HonFREng has been made a Fellow for his fundamental contributions to the quality and safety of surgery. Professor Jon Crowcroft has been acknowledged for his seminal contributions to the development of the Internet, including techniques that paved the way for rural broadband. Professor Joanna Haigh has been elected for her leadership in the area of solar influences on the middle atmosphere, with work she developed being now being used my climate modelling groups across the world.

Newly elected Foreign Member, Professor Zhu Chen, is noted for important contributions to the treatment of leukemia, both in understanding novel drug action and their translation into clinical use. He was one of the principal investigators responsible for sequencing the genome of the main type of bilharzia (S Japonicum) in Asia. He has also distinguished himself as a former Minister of Health for the People’s Republic of China and served as vice-president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences from 2000 - 2007.

Author, Bill Bryson, has been elected an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society.  His books and lectures demonstrate an abiding love for science. His “Short History of Nearly Everything” continues to be an international best seller, and by editing “Seeing Further” for its 350th Anniversary he enabled the Royal Society to communicate to a wide audience the excitement and relevance of its own history.

HRH The Duke York KG GCVO has been elected a Royal Fellow of the Society for his long interest in science and its applications, and his strong and active support of many of the activities of the Society. 

Sir Paul Nurse, President of the Royal Society, said:

“Science helps us to better understand ourselves and the natural world around us and has a huge role to play in future economic prosperity and the health of our planet and its 7 billion people. In the coming decades we are going to find ourselves more and more dependent on the solutions. Science can offer to grand challenges such as food shortages, climate change and tackling disease. These scientists who have been elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society have already contributed much to the scientific endeavour following in the footsteps of pioneers such as Newton, Darwin and Einstein and it gives me great pleasure to welcome them into our ranks.”

The full list of Fellows and Foreign Members who have been elected is as follows: 


Professor Harry Laurence Anderson FRS

University of Oxford

Professor Judith Patricia Armitage FRS

University of Oxford

Professor Keith Ball FRS

University of Warwick

Professor Michael Webster Bevan FRS

John Innes Centre

Professor Mervyn James Bibb FRS

John Innes Centre

Sir Stephen R Bloom FMedSci FRS

Imperial College London

Professor Gilles Brassard FRS

Université de Montréal

Dr Michael Burrows FRS

Google Inc.

Professor Jon Andrew Crowcroft FRS

University of Cambridge

Lord Ara Darzi PC KBE FMedSci HonFREng FRS

Imperial College  London and The Institute of Cancer Research

Professor William Charles Earnshaw FMedSci FRS

University of Edinburgh

Professor Gerard F Gilmore FRS

University of Cambridge

Professor Nigel Glover FRS

Durham University

Professor Raymond E Goldstein FRS

University of Cambridge

Professor Melvyn Goodale FRS

University of Western Ontario

Professor Martin Green AM FRS

University of New South Wales

Professor Gillian Margaret Griffiths FMedSci FRS

Cambridge Institute for Medical Research

Professor Joanna Dorothy Haigh FRS

Imperial College London

Dr Phillip Thomas Hawkins FMedSci FRS

The Babraham Institute

Professor Edith Heard FRS

Institut Curie

Professor Gideon Henderson FRS

University of Oxford

Professor Guy Charles Lloyd-Jones FRS

University of Bristol

Professor Stephen P Long FRS

University of Illinois

Dr Nicholas Lydon FRS

AnaptysBio and BluePrint Medicines

Professor Anne Mills FMedSci FRS

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Professor Paul O'Brien FRS

University of Manchester

Professor William Richardson FMedSci FRS

University College London

Professor Gareth Owen Roberts FRS

University of Warwick

Professor Ronald Kerry Rowe FREng FRS

Queen's University

Sir John Stewart Savill FMedSci FRS

University of Edinburgh

Professor Christopher Schofield FRS

University of Oxford

Professor Paul M Sharp FRS

University of Edinburgh

Professor Stephen James Simpson FRS

University of Sydney.

Professor Terence Paul Speed FRS

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Professor Maria Grazia Spillantini FMedSci FRS

University of Cambridge

Professor Douglas W Stephan FRS

University of Toronto

Professor Brigitta Stockinger FMedSci FRS

MRC National Institute for Medical Research

Dr Alan Turnbull FRS

National Physical Laboratory

Dr Jean-Paul Vincent FMedSci FRS

MRC National Institute for Medical Research

Professor Andrew Wilkie FMedSci FRS

University of Oxford

Ms Sophie Wilson FRS

Microprocessor Architect

Professor Terry Wyatt FRS

University of Manchester

Professor Julia Yeomans FRS

University of Oxford

Professor Robert Joseph Young FREng FRS

University of Manchester


Foreign Members


Professor Margaret Buckingham ForMemRS

Institut Pasteur

Professor Zhu Chen ForMemRS

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

Professor John Hutchinson ForMemRS

Harvard University

Professor Eric Kandel ForMemRS

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Professor Elliott Hershel Lieb ForMemRS

Princeton University

Professor Kyriacos C Nicolaou ForMemRS

The Scripps Research Institute

Professor Randy Schekman ForMemRS

University of California

Professor Eli Yablonovitch ForMemRS

University of California


Honorary Fellow


Mr Bill Bryson




 Royal Fellow


HRH The Duke of York KG GCVO