Royal Society Open Science now accepting submissions

23 May 2014

The Royal Society has announced the call for submissions for its new open access journal Royal Society Open Science. The journal will publish high-quality research across the entire range of science on the basis of objective peer review.

New open access journal Royal Society Open Science

Royal Society Open Science is the first of the Royal Society’s journals to cover the entire range of science and mathematics. It will allow the Society to publish all the high-quality work it receives without restrictions on scope, length or impact. It will accept referred submissions from other journals to allow the Royal Society to make more efficient use of the precious resource of peer-review and reduce the duplication of effort in needlessly repeated reviews of the same article.

The journal will have a number of distinguishing features:

• objective peer-review
• optional open peer-review
• rapid publication
• article level metrics and encouragement of post-publication comments
• an Editorial Board consisting entirely of practising scientists
• the expertise of the Royal Society’s Fellowship
• transfer and acceptance of articles and reviewers’ reports from other Royal Society journals
• high standard of author service, high production values and maximum exposure for articles
• fully compliant with funder and institutional open access mandates
• author retention of copyright and liberal reuse rights via CC BY 4.0

Royal Society Open Science welcomes the submission of all high-quality science including articles which may be difficult to publish elsewhere, for example, those that include negative findings. The journal will cover life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, engineering and computer science.

To find out more about the journal and to submit research, please visit the Royal Society Open Science website.

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