Royal Society announces Dorothy Hodgkin Fellows for 2016

24 October 2016

The Royal Society has announced the appointment of 13 new Dorothy Hodgkin Fellows for 2016. This year the prestigious Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship programme has been able to expand, due to funding from the Royal Society for an additional four fellowships and thanks to additional support from the Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) for two fellowships. The researchers have started taking up their new posts at institutions across the UK from the start of October.

This year the announcement also includes the appointment of two Royal Society - Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellows. The fellowships are funded through continued partnership with the EPSRC.

The newly appointed Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellows are working on a diverse range of projects including evaluating the effects of a future dip in the Sun’s activity on European climate and investigating the neurobiology of resilience after child maltreatment.

The scheme is for outstanding scientists and engineers in the UK at an early stage of their research career who require a flexible working pattern due to personal circumstances such as parenting or caring responsibilities. It is designed to help successful candidates progress to permanent academic positions across the UK.

The Society is pleased to announce the next round for 2017 opened earlier this year on 29/09/2016 and will close on 24/11/2016. Please note this is earlier than previous years. 

The full list of appointments is as follows:

Dr Kirsti Ashworth
Air quality impacts of land-atmosphere interactions (AQuILA)
Lancaster University 

Dr Amy Bonsor
Planetary Systems Around Evolved Stars
University of Cambridge

Dr Emily Findlay
Cathelicidin is Critical for Pathogenic T cell Development in Multiple Sclerosis
University of Edinburgh

Dr Laura Lehtovirta-Morley
Redefining the terrestrial nitrogen cycle from cells to soil
University of Aberdeen

Dr Rachel Lowe
Modelling the impact of global environmental change on vector-borne disease risk
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Dr Celia Martin Puertas
Evaluating the effects of a future Grand Solar Minimum on European Climate
Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr Richard Parker
Star formation: linking galaxy evolution with planetary systems
Liverpool John Moores University

Dr Tiffany Taylor
The Role of Genetic & Environmental Drivers in Novel Gene Regulator Recruitment
University of Bath

Dr Maria Ubiali
Precise theoretical predictions for the full exploitation of LHC Run II
University of Cambridge

Dr Anne-Laura van Harmelen
The neurobiology of resilience after child maltreatment
University of Cambridge

Dr Sarah White
Exploring heterogeneity in implicit mentalizing and its consequences in autism
University College London

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded:

Dr Alice Bowen
Electron Spin Resonance with Arbitrary Waveforms: Methods and Measurements
University of Oxford

Dr Anna Slater
High Throughput Materials Development in Continuous Flow
University of Liverpool

Of the 13 Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships, 12 Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellows are female and 1 is male. In total there are 11 universities across the UK hosting the Dorothy Hodgkin Fellows.