Royal Society responds to publication of Migration Advisory Committee report

18 September 2018

The Migration Advisory Committee has today published its findings on the impact of EEA migration on the UK.

In response, Venki Ramakrishnan, President of the Royal Society, said:

"1 in 6 of the staff in our universities are from elsewhere in the EU. We have the evidence of the importance of the contribution of such highly skilled workers and polls show the public wants them to keep coming here. We need an immigration system that promotes the freest possible flow of these people and their ideas."

"The current system for non-EU migrants is expensive and overly bureaucratic. It needs streamlining regardless of who it might apply to in the future. These are people the UK needs to thrive – immigration processes should not be about creating barriers that talented and skilled people have to overcome but about making it an easy choice for them to come here."

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