Apply now to become a Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence

25 June 2019

The Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence scheme is now open for its third year, accepting applications until 25 September 2019.

Since its first round in 2017, the Entrepreneur in Residence position has been awarded to 34 experienced businesspeople to work in 25 universities across the UK.

The scheme provides opportunities for enthusiastic, highly experienced industrial scientists and entrepreneurs to spend one day a week at a university developing a bespoke project to:

  • Raise university staff and students' awareness of advanced industrial research and development in their own field and of the scientific challenges faced by industry
  • Provide support, mentoring and expert advice to promote innovation and translation of university research and help students become more aware of the diverse career options available in industry
  • Grow confidence in and understanding of business, entrepreneurship and the commercial potential of their research among staff and students
  • Provide career recognition to the award holders and support their professional development

One foundation of the Government's Industrial Strategy is to make the UK the world's most innovative economy. To achieve this, the UK will need to capitalise on the strength of its universities in translating leading research discoveries into new businesses and commercial products, as well as nurturing a skilled future workforce to ensure the UK's leading position.

Dame Sue Ion DBE FREng FRS, Chairman of the UK Nuclear Innovation Research Advisory Board and Fellow of the Royal Society, said:

“Our success as a nation and the future competitiveness of our knowledge and manufacturing economy depend upon the brightest and best of our scientific and engineering talent pursuing careers in Industry. Businesses across all sectors are reporting skill shortages.

"The Royal Society’s very successful Entrepreneur in Residence scheme is putting leaders in their field, and their real-world expertise, on campuses across the UK to enhance the flow of ideas between our world-leading scientists and industry. They will advise and mentor students and staff, helping academia to understand problems faced by industry and improve the commercial potential of their research as well as teach industry-relevant courses and curricula.”

Funding up to a maximum of £40,000 over two years is expected to cover basic salary equivalent to 0.2FTE, travel and project costs. Further information is available from

Past press releases from 2018 and 2019 can be read online.